BARALLA PIPELINE is aware that the QUALITY is a strategic factor of great importance, given the market situation at the present time, and that is the best argument to compete in it and represents a guarantee for the continuity and future of the Company.

CalidadIn this sense, the Quality Policy of BARALLA PIPELINE is directed towards the attainment of network construction services for fluids (Mechanical and Civil Works of oil pipelines, gas pipelines and other Hydraulic pipes) that meet the following commitments by the organization:

  • Compliance with applicable requirements, both agreed with clients as well as statutory or regulatory requirements to our business
  • Customer satisfaction with provided services
  • Continuous improvement in service delivery
  • Involvement of all BARALLA staff in the implementation and maintenance of the Quality System in both business activity and to the operational performance in the works. 

Taking us to establish and implement a system of quality management to facilitate the achievement of these goals, creating at the same time adequate evidence thereof that is reliable and clear.

In consequence, we decide and declare that we assume the proper implementation of the Quality Management  system established  by BARALLA PIPELINE and that we guarantee to our customers.

To best fulfill this mission and facilitate control and quality management function, we have decided to delegate in the Quality Manager the authority that is required to establish, implement and maintain the Quality Management System.

Consequently, the Quality Manager is responsible of planing, coordinate, monitor and maintain the Quality Management System in BARALLA PIPELINE and has the authority to identify quality problems, propose corrective and preventive actions and ensure their implementation and closing

To facilitate the mission will have immediate access to this Division, to be regularly informed of the implementation of the policy and quality objectives set and all those situations that arise and impact on quality management.

This Policy will be periodically reviewed (coinciding with the Management Review) to ensure its continued relevance to the rendered services.